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    Tax Resolution

    SCL Tax Services proudly offers fast and professional tax resolution services, and tries to be the best in resolving tax problems serving clients in and near the Bronx, Eastchester, Westchester, Mount Vernon, and Yonkers, New York.

    Owing a debt to the IRS can fill you with concern and cause you to sleep a lot less. At SCL, you can always turn to us when you want tax relief from the IRS quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you.

    Did You Receive the Dreaded Audit Letter?

    Getting an audit notification from the IRS is no fun at all. The experience could be particularly painful if you attempt to attend any meetings with the auditor all on your own.

    Instead, it helps to have a skilled and experienced tax expert to represent during the audit process.

    If the audit has already occurred, this may be why you’re aware of your tax debt in the first place. If that’s the case, the IRS will want your tax burden fulfilled immediately.

    If you don’t have the funds or are unwilling to pay, the IRS and other tax authorities may take the appropriate next steps. That is why it helps to get assistance from tax resolution professionals to prevent the following from happening to you.

    Threats and Actions Taken by the IRS

    Tax Liens:

    A tax lien is a legal claim to your property against any taxes owed. A lien could be placed on your bank accounts, retirement accounts, or your home.

    Wage Garnishment and Levies:

    If your tax burden isn’t settled, you could end up losing the accounts or property altogether to help satisfy your debt. This is known as a levy. A levy can garnish your wages and freeze your bank and retirement accounts.

    What if Your Tax Burden Was an Accident?

    According to the IRS, your taxes must be filed by mid-April of every year. Failure to pay them can lead to severe penalties, this much you know. However, the IRS doesn’t differentiate between those who fail to pay taxes on purpose and those who may forget to file a tax return.

    Life can be chaotic, and unusual life events can cause you to miss the prerequisite dates. As the years pass, you may misplace your income documents, or perhaps you’ve become too afraid to file late.

    SFR – Substitute for Return

    The IRS wants you to resolve your taxes and will allow you to file back tax returns, but the agency doesn’t take the unfiled ones lightly. If you fail to pay your back taxes and have unfiled tax returns, the IRS can perform what is known as an NSF or Substitute for Return, and not necessarily in good faith.

    The NSF will include the taxes owed based on your reported income, but you won’t be able to claim any credits or deductions.

    If you are married with children, the IRS won’t file you along with your spouse, nor will the agency claim any dependents on your behalf.

    Tax resolution by SCL Tax Services

    Take Action Now for Fast Tax Resolution

    If you have unfiled tax returns, in our experience it is usually in your best interests to file your back taxes right away. The IRS sets a period of time to collect your tax debt, known as the statute of limitations. If you fail to file the proper documents for one or more years, the statute never begins, which also means it never runs out.

    Only when you file, does the statute have a beginning and ending period. In addition, taking quick action can typically help you pay much less, as you can find those deductions and credits the IRS didn’t include in their assessment. In some cases, filing your taxes might have the IRS owing you money by the time everything is calculated.

    Avoid a Penalty Abatement

    Not only is the SFR void of credits and deductions, but the IRS could add further penalties onto your tax debt. Failure to file your taxes and failure to pay are two penalties that could add even more money to your current burden.

    We Can Investigate the Specifics of Your IRS Tax Burden

    In order to better assist you, our tax resolution professionals will need to conduct a thorough analysis of your tax debt, otherwise referred to as the Investigation Phase.

    The process begins with the submission of Tax Authorization Information Form 8821 to the IRS. If applicable, the appropriate forms will be submitted to the State Taxing authority on your behalf. The purpose of these documents is to obtain a complete record of your tax accounts. We may also gather additional information on your behalf to offer you the most viable options for successfully resolving your tax liabilities.

    During the investigation, we also want to determine that the IRS has the most accurate information. We will calculate your taxes using years of tax preparation experience and find the necessary credits and deductions to get you a fair assessment of your IRS debt.

    Let Us Represent You to Stop Levies, Liens & IRS Threats

    The IRS is understaffed and continues to experience budget cuts. If you try to call the agency, you could experience hold times of up to two hours or more before you’re connected to an IRS agent.

    As tax experts, we know how to take immediate action to stop any aggressive actions taken by the IRS while the Investigation Phase is ongoing.

    If you received a levy against your accounts and property, we know the complex law procedures that deal with levy release. In most cases, we can expedite a levy release within 24-hours, giving you access to your funds, releasing your property, and easing your stress.

    Offer in Compromise

    In many cases, the IRS will settle your back taxes for pennies on the dollar. The rules for OIC are complex, and not everyone will qualify for this type of deal; however, we will work with you to assess if this is a viable option for your tax debt.

    If an Offer in Compromise isn’t possible, we can work out another alternative to help you with your tax resolution once more.

    Installment Agreements

    We can help you arrange a payment plan with the IRS or other tax authorities. If you have outstanding balances that you can’t pay in full, this may be an affordable option for you.

    We can also see if you qualify for a Streamlined Installment Agreement or Fresh Start Initiative, both of which can help you settle your tax debt as quickly as possible.

    Innocent Spouse Relief

    If you typically file your taxes jointly with your spouse, the IRS will place 100% of back taxes owed on both parties. Our experts can request on your behalf a release of your spouse from the responsibility of having to pay back any tax debts. This request can be made for a current spouse or an ex, even one who is estranged.

    The IRS has the power to grant Innocent Spouse Relief to you based on a variety of factors. We can help walk you through this complex process.

    Become One of Our Trusted & Loyal Clients

    Act now to potentially reduce your penalties and create an affordable plan to pay back your back taxes. When you call SCL Tax Services for a quote, you will speak with a qualified tax resolution specialist who will listen to your concerns and provide you with a variety of options. Be assured that this consultation is offered to you at no cost for 15 minutes and is kept completely confidential. Get your taxes done near you! Our service area includes the Bronx, Eastchester, Westchester, Mount Vernon, and Yonkers, NY.