Things to Bring for Preparing Your Taxes (Tax Preparation Checklist)

To ensure the highest quality of tax preparation, we recommend bringing the following information with you to your appointment.


  • Social Security Cards (including self, spouse & children)
  • Driver License or ID Card
  • Dates of birth for self, spouse & birth certificates for dependents
  • Foreign Bank account numbers and financial information (if balance > $10K at any point during the year (for mandatory FBAR filing)
  • Health care coverage (Forms 1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C)
  • Prior 3 Years Taxes for review (new clients only)
  • Child Care Provider: Name, Address, Tax ID# or SSN, and amount paid
  • Any correspondence from IRS or state taxing authorities that you would like us to clarify


  • Student loan interest paid
  • IRA contributions (paid directly to bank, not through employer)
  • Early withdrawal penalties
  • Moving expenses
  • Alimony paid (need name and SS# of recipient) or received
  • HSA deduction (paid directly to bank, not through employer)
  • Education Expense – Form 1098-T from college or vocational school


  • W-2 forms
  • Unemployment compensation: forms 1099-G
  • Miscellaneous income including rent: form(s) 1099-MISC
  • Pensions and Annuities: form(s) 1099-R
  • Social Security Benefits: form(s) SSA 1099
  • Partnerships and S Corporations: Schedule K-1
  • Rental Income and expenses
  • Gambling and Lottery Winnings: form W-2G
  • Interest Income: 1099 INT
  • Dividend Income: 1099 INT
  • Proceeds from Stocks: 1099-B (including cost basis)
  • Sale of Home Income/Loss: 1099-B (including depreciation schedules)


  • Business Income: form(s) 1099 MISC and/or own records
  • Partnership Income: Schedules K-1
  • Business-related Expenses: receipts and other documents
  • Employment Taxes and Other Estimated Business Taxes Paid for Current Tax Year
  • Tax ID Number or Incorporation Papers


  • Mortgage Interest Statement: form(s) 1098
  • Real Estate Taxes Paid
  • Personal Property Taxes: Ad Valorem
  • Charitable Donations
  • Church Tithes and Offering
  • Unreimbursed Job Expenses (including mileage and auto expenses)
  • Unreimbursed Volunteer Expenses
  • Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

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